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Embed a Tweet

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You're an editor for a hip, multichannel publication, The innovative, unique and extremely advanced Scrollytelling Publication System holds no secrets for you.

Then ... you post a link to a Tweet.

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Your link to the Tweet looks like ... a link to a Tweet. With underline and everything. You're acutely reliving Tim's heyday at CERN.

What's wrong here?

Where are all the multi channels?

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Your multichannel utopia is finally here.

From today, a link to a Twitter status update—a Tweet—automatically transforms into an Embedded Tweet(tm). Our code handles light and dark pages for you, deals with mobile view, and opens the Twitter app on your phone.?

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Add a link to a Tweet in the editor. That's it!

It's often preferred to put the link on its own line, otherwise your layout kind of breaks. But some folks just want to see the world burn.

Meer uitleg, met plaatjes, in ons Kennis Beest.

Link naar Twittert

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